Turnkey solutions

The production includes production workshops, a test stand, a warehouse of materials and a warehouse of finished products

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Greenhouse direction

We provide a full range of services: design, production, installation of turnkey greenhouse complexes

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Open ground technology

The company LLC ``LIS`` produces equipment for open ground: gardens, nurseries, berry plantations

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Решения под ключ

Производство включает в себя производственные цеха, испытательный стенд, склад материалов и склад готовой продукции

Тепличное направление

Мы осуществляем полный комплекс услуг: проектирование, производство, установку тепличных комплексов под ключ

Технология открытого грунта

Компания ООО «ЛиС» производит оборудование для открытого грунта: садов, питомников, ягодных плантаций


Laboratory of Engineering Systems

LLC ``Laboratory of Engineering Systems``, since the beginning of 2017 is the legal successor of the Scientific Production Company ``PHYTO``. The same founders of the company, the same management and the same scientific and technical personnel, ensuring full continuity in production activities and assuming all warranty and long-term post-warranty obligations under contracts and contracts of the company NPF ``PHYTO``.
We produce equipment for watering and growing vegetables, salads, seedlings, flowers (roses, ampel and potted crops), at the moment, irrigation equipment is being produced and has already been successfully used for open ground, for gardens, nurseries, berry plantations.
Laboratory of Engineering Systems LLC is the first largest Russian company specializing in the development, production and implementation of intelligent complete technological equipment for industrial greenhouse complexes and farms. Also, Nigma Holding and Projects Management LTD - an Israeli partner company is part of the Fito Group company and specializes in Russian-Israeli technologies in the field of irrigation, irrigation, fertigation.


Completed projects since 2013


Qualified employees


Satisfied customers all over the world


Many years of experience

Company Information

Main activity

Production of complete technological equipment for modern industrial greenhouse complexes


The rich experience and professionalism of the company's employees allowed us to create equipment and technologies that meet high international standards

Application of equipment

For watering and growing vegetables, salads, seedlings, flowers. Irrigation equipment for open ground is successfully used

Objectives of the work

Two goals have been set: to endow the equipment with wide functionality and to provide it with the maximum achievable reliability

Информация о компании

Основная деятельность

Производство полнокомплектного технологического оборудования для современных промышленных тепличных комплексов


Богатый опыт и профессионализм сотрудников компании позволили создать оборудование и технологии, отвечающие высоким мировым стандартам

Применение оборудования

Для полива и выращивания овощей, салатов, рассады, цветов. Успешно применяется оборудование по поливу для открытого грунта

Цели работы

Поставлены две цели: наделить технику широкими функциональными возможностями и обеспечить ей максимально достижимую надежность

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